Monday, June 20, 2016

Like thieves in the Night, the Squirrel's and Birds Stole Most of the Cherries

I am guesstimating, if I am lucky, I have enough cherries for two more pies. Priscilla is very disappointed. What was once a nearly two week long cherry pie making marathon in June, suddenly ground to a halt when I noticed half the cherries on our backyard cherry tree had magically disappeared without a trace over the course of just two days. 
I have never before seen our cherry tree plucked with such discretion - not that I witnessed any of the actual plucking! Other than the cherries being there in abundance and then suddenly not being there, it was hard to imagine how the plucking activity was possible without my seeing it. I do spend a fare amount of time by my kitchen window sink that does look out onto our backyard cherry tree. "One can only assume it was the squirrels and birds who ate the cherries," said the raccoon & possum. 
After making yesterday's pie, I understand why the animal kingdom that resides in our backyard couldn't help themselves - the cherries this year are tastier than they've ever been.


Anonymous said...

You have to get up very early in the morning to catch them. We've never been able to get to the ripe blueberries before the animals.

Diana Faria said...

Anon, did the animals leave you at least one blueberry?