Last Night's Penn Station Evacuation


Last night, a suspicious package was found on one of the trains heading out of Penn Station. Unfortunately this was at the exact time Ian was exiting the subway into Penn, only to find all the gates leading into the LIRR closed. Apparently, Penn Station was being evacuated, completely shutting down. 

If Ian hadn't called me from the subway, I wouldn't have had a clue. Not one mention on the LIRR website of delayed trains and the evacuation was barely mentioned on the news. I went onto twitter and within minutes I found out from complete strangers in Penn Station exactly what was going on. Ian was already on the subway to Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn to get to Long Island when I texted him about the package. He said everyone on the train was upset about the inconvenience. A fellow passenger waxed philosophical asking everyone, " Would it have been less of an inconvenience if it had turned out to be a bomb?"

Above is the American Legion Post 1066 as seen from the Massapequa LIRR Parking Lot. I waited in the lot across from it for Ian's train last night. An older couple who were just leaving the lot stopped to tell me they were on the train where they found the package. She said police brought bomb sniffing dogs aboard the train and the passengers were "thrown out" onto Seventh Avenue where she said she found a taxi to drive them back to Long Island. She also felt the whole thing was handled very poorly.


Alexa said…
Ian did the smart thing (of course). What a mess that must have been!

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