Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses ca. 1890

Check out these apples (ha ha) by the master Paul Cézanne. I was standing in a room that was filled to the brim with the likes of Seurat, Picasso & Vincent van Gogh and yes those artist's paintings were amazing, but the use of color in this one made it jump off the wall. According to The MET, Claude Monet once owned this painting.


Bibi said...

I studied in Cezanne's home town, Aix-en-Provence, long ago, and returned there again in October at which time I visited his atelier. You see there many of the objects he used in his paintings.

Alexa said...

There's always one painting in a roomful of masterpieces that speaks to you. I guess this one did it for you AND Monet.