Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a long island diner

I think the sign says it all in a way-but of course I must add my two cents. long island is home for more diners than I can count. every once in a while I love eating at a diner. I always get the same thing. if it's breakfast or lunch I order eggs over easy with rye toast & home fries with tea and orange juice. if it's lunch or dinner, I will get grilled cheese on rye with tomato and a vanilla milkshake or a chocolate ice cream soda. More interesting things about diners may be found here

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Anonymous said...

My parents took us to this diner all the time growing up. Our neighbor (Marge) was a waitress there and we always sat in her section. When dessert was done, we always asked our parents if we could go sit in the car and wait for them while they drank their coffee... and of course they said yes (we were little) and we always locked ourselves in the car! LOL

fellow Fdaler