Tuesday, December 4, 2012

skating under "the tree" at Rockefeller Center


undoubtedly she is looking into someone else's lens, but if you visit the concourse at rockefeller center this time of year, every other person is either posing for a picture or taking someone elses picture. these captured moments help keep memories alive. when I saw these dark silhouettes skating against the backdrop of white ice I of course instantly whipped out my camera in order to capture mine. isn't this a lovely scene?


Alexa said...

Beautifully captured! And I like the pink shadows too. :~}

Elizabeth said...

What fun New York is in the festive season!

Kay L. Davies said...

I always wanted to do this — back in the days when I could skate. Now I'd just like to see it.
Thanks for sharing this shot with us. I love it.

Kitty said...

great shot! I love how everyone is out of focus but for one.

hope you're well, Lily

Thérèse said...

Yes indeed!
I like this place very much. Sharing, holding hands, having a good time. Only positive feelings!

Babzy said...

lovely picture , i'd like to be there ! :)