Tuesday, November 26, 2013

getting ready for america's thanksgiving food coma


ian hasn't been home in over three months. he's the one napping pre-dinner on the right. I haven't seen my niece (pictured here on the left) since last christmas. to say I am excited to see them both is a very big understatement. every year my brother and sister in law welcome us into their home to share thanksgiving. this year will be different since their oldest son is serving in the army in south korea - it won't be the same without him. my other niece, tracy, asked my mom if she could make the apple pie this year. how sweet is that? what are your plans for this thursday?


Anonymous said...

Everything changes. So looking forward to TG. PGma

Bibi said...

That's a terrific photo!!

Doing nothing on Thursday, but will celebrate on Saturday, since it's not a holiday here and weekdays are hard. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!