Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bring it on Autumn

Priscilla notices it is Autumn. She's actually also pretending to be invisible to the squirrels you can't hear taunting her from the nearly leafless tree hanging over her as she holds this stance. Still as a statue, tail straight out. She's even willing to miraculously stop sniffing for a moment as she refuses to let them win. Priscilla learned how to act invisible from the squirrels and is now using this skill as a reverse psychology in the hopes of breaking said squirrels down in her efforts to attain total backyard domination. The last time she attempted dominating the backyard, she landed in the hospital as a result of fearlessly jumping over a wall taller than she, hence the leash you notice attached to my person... I mean her person.
I take great comfort that she's at it again.



Alexa said...

What she lacks in size, she obviously makes up for in audacity!

Gunn said...

Cute little dog :)