Sunday, November 16, 2008

sweet sixteen

sweet sixteen parties are a big tradition here on long island. as far as I know it's usually girls that have them and my twin nieces are no exception. the type of parties range from renting a night club a la saturday night fever, to the more traditional venue such as your local VFW hall. my nieces opted for the albertson VFW post. their party included dancing with a DJ who played excellent music. dinner was a delicious buffet with cake and ice cream afterwards. the best part of the night was the lighting of the sixteen candles. this is where my nieces honored 16 people in their lives by saying something significant about them and then asking each one to light one of their candles. it was very touching to see how much they care about the people in their lives by listening to what they wrote about each individual.
have you ever been to a sweet sixteen party?


Pietro said...

Great party atmosphere in this picture. I like the soft lightings. I would enjoy a party such as this the whole evening and night, till dawn!!!

bobbie said...

Your picture is great. Looks like everyone was having a grand time.

I never had nor attended a sweet sixteen party. Nor did any of our children nor their friends. I guess we just weren't in the "in" crowd.

luvmyboys said...

Looks like a great party!

I had a rollerskating party for my Sweet 16. We didn't rent the place out, just treated a few friends out to skating.

Anonymous said...

First one I have ever been to and totally enjoyed it. Great happy group of young and older people. In this time of uncertainty it was great to have fun for a few hours and not think about the problems of our country. Couldn't help but remember some of my own youth. PGma

Babzy said...

never herad oh it , it seems cool but too late for me ;)

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

Never been to a sweet sixteen.


Islipian said...

my daughter's sweet 16 was last april (2007) - such an event! i'd never been to anything like it before :-) funny, the "foot attire" in your shot is the same as at my daughter's party!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Pietro! Till dawn? I didn't know you were such a party guy! Good for you. This one only lasted 4 hours, but it was lots of fun.

Thanks Bobbie,I am glad you liked it. This was a challenge to get a decent shot under these circumstances.
I never went to a sweet sixteen when I was a teenager. I think they have only gotten really popular in the last several years or so.

Hi Luv, that is about the scale of my parties growing up too, doing something with a couple of close buddies, which is always fun.

Hi PGma, I'm glad you mentioned the older people were fun too! They really were. Especially the Veterans that were running things.

too late for me too Babzy!

Hi Paz!

Islipian/Bettye, it's funny you should notice their bare feet! I thought that was so cute.

Annie said...

sounds great...what a lovely way to celebrate. and how lovely to honor sixteen people.that is so nice!


ps I didn't even notice the bare feet..but that sounds good to me too!