tansy herb at the rhinebeck farmers' market

good for repelling ants and flies, this flowering herb goes by the whimsical name of tansy. isn't she beautiful? perfect for mellow yellow monday I thought, please go there to join in the fun.


Gizelle said…
I'll remember this, hope they're available back home...thanks! And yes they're lovely little flowers...
Lori Skoog said…
I just caught up! Love so many of your shots...the boat house, the light in the kitchen and that brunch looks decadent! Yes indeed, it is pitch black at 6am!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I love the color!

Unknown said…
Repelling ants and flies in style.
Have a great week Lilly.
I like herb flower species. Nice
eileeninmd said…
Very pretty herb. The yellow color is bright and cheery.
Bibi said…
Hey, I've seen this here but had no idea what it was! Yummy yellow.
Tansy golden, tansy herb,
Good for city or suburb,
Keeps the flies and ants at bay—
Pesky critters, go away!

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Junneth said…
Lovely flowers indeed! My MYM is posted 66!
Daryl said…
Is it edible? So pretty!
KaHolly said…
Tansy is already one of my favorites and in my garden.!
Kay L. Davies said…
It's so pretty, like a bunch of buttons.
At first I though "Oh, good, repels ants!" then I thought "Oh, no, if the ants find the garden repulsive, they'll come into the house!"

Kay, Alberta
Dianne said…
very pretty and useful!
great photo

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