Tuesday, August 13, 2013

at the MET with ian


since ian has been home from college we've been trying to do all the things we missed doing with him while he was away. so of course this includes our traditional summer visit to the MET roof garden. last weekend his dad and I brought him to see imran qureshi's, the roof garden commission. ian loved it - and the view of course was stunning. the vibe up there is so much fun. everyone is just hanging out informally enjoying manhattan in the summertime. afterwards we dined at the excellent petrie court cafe. I say excellent because their food is delicious but not too pricey and their service is excellent. 



Bibi said...

I really like that wall piece in the first photo, and I sure would have liked to be up there with everyone in the second!

Alexa said...

Wonderful way to spend the day! Now that I'm a member, I'm looking forward to eating in the members' Dining Room sometime soon. :~}

Thérèse said...

I love the roof garden picture. What a sight. It gives the mood.