Thursday, May 26, 2016

#tbt Inspiration from the Rijks Museum

I love painting and I love looking at paintings. For the last four years I have been focusing on animal portraits with their humans. It is no easy task to paint a picture like this. And although my art is nothing like the painting pictured above, I am inspired by it for sure. Notice how the hunting dog is timeless and never out of fashion, yet it is painted in 1833!  Devoted, humble, stately are typical dog characteristics that Kruseman captured in his portrait. My favorite parts of this painting are how the artist painted the dog's fur, the woman's shoe peeking out of her dress and her exquisite hair.
What do you like about this piece, if anything at all?

Portrait of Alida Christina Assink painted by the artist Jan Adam Kruseman 1833, photographed by me at the Rijks Museum February 2016

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Masa said...

I like the contrast between model's bright bust and dark dramatic sky.