Friday, May 27, 2016

Cherries for cherry pie, happening right my backyard

I'm obsessed with the Cherry Tree in our backyard. I don't even like to travel when this tree is producing cherries. Basically I can never make as many pies as I would like too every year. I think last year I made 7, or was it 9? - which is very time consuming. Sometimes I bake them at night & leave them out to cool on the counter, then have pie for breakfast. Onetime my husband, who is the epitome of self control had his cherry pie a la mode for breakfast. That is how good the cherry pie from this tree can be - pie that is so good it can break a man of his steel will!
It's too early to tell if we are going to have a big crop since the cherries at this stage are the same color as the leaves, so it's a bit hard to see just how many are up there. I'll keep you posted.

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Thérèse said...

How lucky you are!