magnolia tree with shadows


have you ever found a face in a place where you least expect it? I found one on one of these magnolia flower petals when I was taking its picture yesterday. please check out long island daily photo on my tumblr blog if you'd like to see it.
to all those who celebrate, happy easter! to all those who don't, have a great sunday. 

please visit hey harriet's shadow shot sunday if you'd like to see more lovely shadows or if you'd like to add your own. and thank you tracy for hosting too!


Sylvia K said…
I did see it!!! How beautiful and how wonderful!! Isn't it amazing the things you can find/see when you look for them! Gorgeous capture, Lily! I hope you have a fantastic, Happy Easter weekend -- whatever you do or don't celebrate, enjoy the day, my friend!

Pietro Brosio said…
What a beauty that magnolia tree! I enjoy a lot this wonderful image, Lily!
Happy Easter!
Marlene said…
That Magnolia is stunning.
Hot Fudge said…
I see it too - it's the Phantom of the Opera! Spooky. But what a magnificent magnolia. They are difficult to grow in our sub-tropical climate, but they grow beautifully further south in Sydney and Melbourne. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hey Harriet said…
Those flowers take my breath away! Especially with the combination of that perfect blue sky! Absolutley gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Or if you don't celebrate, a lovely Sunday :)
Anonymous said…
Magnolia´s are so beautiful and your shadow shot too!
gorgeous magnolia, great photo
That's a GORGEOUS Shot! Your magnolia Trees are VERY different from Southern Magnolias!! Will be heading over to see the face ;-)
I saw the face!! VERY cool--that would make a Great Shadow Shot too!! :) said…
Thanks everyone! & yes I celebrate Easter. Sorry I haven't been visiting lately. I will try & catch up later tonight.
I should have mentioned this shot was a straight out of camera shot. I couldn't make it any better. I was so happy when I discovered this as I was downloading my photos. It was like a special Easter gift.
Happy Sunday everyone!
Tash said…
WOW! what a gorgeous photo! just marvellous. I love the delicacy and the purity of the white blooms. Happy Easter to you and yours.
I am listening,
magnolia blossoms—what tale
will you tell today?

Take your pick of shadows:
Shadowy Toilet!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful shadows and pink blossoms against your lovely blue skies.
Hugs and blessings,
Louis la Vache said…
Mme la Vache et «Louis» wish you a Blessed Easter.
Beautiful photo Lily! Hope you and your family had a very happy Easter!
Halcyon said…
This is gorgeous! I love how you've framed this shot. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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