Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wallen's Shadows

This weekend has flown by for me and I think I may have a touch of spring fever, which in my case means I seem to sleep a lot! According to wikipedia there seems to be a wide array of very interesting definitions for spring fever that I've never heard of. Whatever the case, today's shadows are happening at the Wallen's IGA in Bellport.


Martha Z said...

Neat shadows on a community grocery, a dying breed giving way to the Wal-marts and other big chains.

Sherrie said...

Great shadows. We used to have an IGA store. Went out of business years ago. Have a great day!

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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

pocket full of change
walking down to Wallen’s now
to get some Skippy

Your choice of shadows:
Shadowy tombstone
Orphaned truck shadows

Naturedigital said...


Thérèse said...

Not IGA around here... and I suppose you don't have any Basha's over there... lol

Marlene said...

Great shadows and great prices! I think there are a few IGA's left around here, I'll have to check as I am out of peanut butter.

BLOGitse said...

I guess we are all more or less late because of the spring - my blogging routine is totally lost because of the move...Time difference, staying in a hotel...
Have a great week ahead!

SSS greetings from Casablanca!


Clytie said...

I'm glad to see the community IGA grocery store ... ours was run out of town by "progress". Sigh.