Thursday, November 8, 2012

autumnal Nor'easter


this is what it looked like during this morning's commute in farmingdale. the few inches of slushy snow enveloping the tree limbs fell off in bits of wicked clumps throughout the morning. at first I thought it was the muffled sound of car doors slamming until I was later outside and one clump beaned me on the top of my head. talk about an early morning wake up call. on the bright side, we still have electricity! and it's nice to see this tree is still going strong too.



Shell Sherree said...

Ouch!! I'm happy to hear you're still with power, Lily. Perhaps you can take an umbrella outside in the morning to help fend off the falling clumps! {Better still, hopefully it's done with by then.}

Elizabeth said...

Dear Lily!
What a mess!
Do hope you and your family are doing OK in spite of everything.
My daughter in law's Mum in Huntington had no power for 10 days and is getting a generator!
warmest wishes

Kitty said...

oh my goodness.
I'm glad it was just snow and not a branch, Lily!!!

It is really poor timing of this snow. I have to worry about the older trees after all this.

cristy fermin said...

It's so scary just by looking at those trees plus with the snow. It's like in a horror movie.

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