Friday, November 23, 2012

the day after turkey aka black friday


so, if you are from the states, how was the turkey? did you eat too much, too little, or maybe you don't eat turkey at all? or perhaps you participated in a turkey trot - a tradition practiced in many parts of america where some people hope to offset the side effect of consuming mass quantities of food, join in with their community to go for a morning run the day of thanksgiving. speaking of turkey, recently I came upon the story of a man who as of september 1, 2012 started trekking across the country known as turkey, a 1305-mile walk, from the aegean coast to iran. his name is matt krause and he is writing about his journey on his blog called the heathen pilgrim. my impression is that matt's aim is to introduce those who are not turkish born, to the turkish way of life by traveling through turkey and sharing his experiences along the way. in the process he hopes to illuminate his readers as to how a seemingly different people who, despite their cultural differences, are still very much the same as you and I. what makes it more unusual is that he is willing to go to such lengths in order to do so. & in case you're interested, matt's thanksgiving day post about an experience he had with oprah is especially amusing - at least it was to me.  


Shell Sherree said...

I haven't, Lily ~ and Istanbul seems to be cropping up a lot lately as a hot destination. Happy Thanksgiving {in retrospect!} I hope you and Priscilla had a lovely time.

Alexa said...

Thanks for all the interesting links, especially to Matt's blog. I have been to Turkey -- for exactly one day (we were staying on a nearby Greek island) and loved it. They didn't stamp your passport if you we're coming from Greece (no love lost between those two countries), and my then 7- and 8-year-old daughters were disappointed. So the customs guy stamped their hands and I took a picture.

Matt Krause said...

Hi Lily, thanks for the mention. I am the guy walking across Turkey. I lived in Istanbul for 6 years, and heard many times how different the rest of Turkey was from it, but man, I had no idea just how much so until I started this walk. I'm loving it!


Daryl said...

I havent been to Turkey ... I need a trip to Paris before I go anywhere else on the continent :)