Tuesday, November 13, 2012

only 5 more days of tatzu nishi's columbus!


if you want to see nishi's columbus please reserve a free pass at www.PublicArtFund.org 
& hurry! there are only five days left. you can schedule your pass to see nishi's work for a specific time which is helpful given you will have to wait outside before climbing the scaffold. but don't worry, it moves fairly quickly.

more visitors enjoying Columbus.

as we were leaving I had a strange feeling I would never get this close to this statue, ever again.
; )


Kitty said...

whoa, that is a tall ceiling for that room.

Daryl said...

I guess they need to get things cleared before the Thanksgiving Day parade goes marching by ...

Anonymous said...

THere are tickets on the site until Dec. 2 now


though not yet available