Monday, March 3, 2014

Update on Big Changes in Farmingdale

New Construction in Farmingdale

With all the hoopla over yesterday's impending storm I feel lucky for the light dusting we received earlier today. This was the scene at the Farmingdale train station this morning. Not too bad eh? I heard on the news that our area's winter snowfall totals are at about 57 inches as of today and yet we still aren't in the top five category in terms of snowfall. Does anyone remember the winter of '95-'96? According to Yasmeen Khan from WNYC, in '95-'96, old man winter dumped 75.6 inches on us with above average snowfall from November through April. That season included a blizzard in January that deposited nearly 20 inches on NYC. Normally this information might make us feel more fortunate, except like Yasmeen and the climatologist that was interviewed for her article points out, we are suffering from a "weariness index".
In other news, progress is being made in the new construction happening in Farmingdale despite the persistent winter weather. Look at this same scene here just six weeks ago.

New Construction in Farmingdale


Bibi said...

Snow slows it all down....

Alexa said...

It doesn't slow it down enough, if you ask me. I hope Farmingdale has zoning regulations in place that keep the height of new buildings to something reasonable (though zoning can't keep them from being ugly, I suppose).