Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cue the Disney Music


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Admittedly the following pictures are a bit blurry but I feel some things are better seen blurry rather than not at all and this is something I just had to share. It was impossible to miss seeing two male Cardinals flying circles around each other in my backyard this morning. They were so persistent it was inspiring. As it occurred to me that there was a greater motivation other than play at work here, I noticed this on the branch in the tree just above them:

She sat in the Cherry tree overlooking their show and then slowly turned her head, looked directly into my camera as if to say, "Do you believe this?" Soon after, she took cover under a thorny rose bush pretending to be invisible. Just as she tried ducking out of sight, her elusion didn't last long - as evidenced by one of the male's flyovers. Pretty impressive eh?

You might remember I posted a photo of another Cardinal hanging out by the barbecue last May. I take comfort in the fact that they will remain at least until then, giving me plenty of time to set up my tripod.


Alice said...

GRASS, you have Grass!
Sorry, Nice pictures of the cardinals!

Bibi said...

I think cardinals are beautiful. They remind me of ones from my childhood.

Alexa said...

I'm impressed with your nature photography! A cardinal couple took up residence right outside my apartment window back when I had 2 cats. The poor birds couldn't understand that the cats couldn't get to them, and they decamped pretty quickly. Shame.

Jeni said...

Oh Lily - what great shots!!! how very special that these little red birds are visiting you xoxox

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Alice, yes, finally, there is more grass than snow on the ground & today it's supposed to go up to 52! Yay!

Hi Bibi, me too!

Thanks Alexa. I wish I had the power of our feline friends.
; )

Thank you Jeni.
: )

Kitty said...

aw...I did notice a lot of yipping and yapping recently with the little birds. They know it's supposed to be spring.
They never tell you what happens to the males that remain single. Do they build nests? What happens?