Thursday, July 31, 2008

four star variety hardware


please click on photo for greater detail
located in farmingdale on main street, this store reminds me of the old time general stores. from sewing notions to garden hoses, jars and supplies for preserving jellies and sauces, a very decent hardware selection, toys and gifts, they pretty much have everything you need and more. I especially like to go there to get what I need for weekend household fix-it projects. when you have some free time to just relax and take it easy, it's fun to stroll through the store and just take a look around.


Anonymous said...

I like that it seems to have EVERYTHING!


Helen said...

This was like a walk down memory lane ... I am actually from Long Island. I moved away in 1985.

Lydia said...

A wonderful and nostalgic photo. Loved it.

Louis la Vache said...

Oh! Neat! "Louis" likes these old hardware stores. He shops them whenever he can - there's not many left and "Louis" likes to support them. "Louis" detests Home Depot.

LisaK said...

Oh! Just the kind of store to get lost in for an hour or more - so much to see and touch!