Thursday, July 10, 2008

ramones fan waiting for train

it's almost as if his t-shirt says what he is thinking-about waiting for the train that is!. here is a typical passenger to be waiting for the train with his son, heading into manhattan.


Anonymous said...

TYPICAL???!! OK maybe in this picture -
Great subjects in this photo - handsome;o)

crittoria said...

My boys would be fussing and you would hear me say "Patience is a virtue!" They hate waiting - gee, I wonder where they get that from? ;-)

MmeBenaut said...

Very impressive T-shirt but I love the look of excitement on the young boy's face, Lily.

Lily Hydrangea said...

I know QM, it was a dificult scene for me to describe!

Welcome Crittoria, thanks for stopping by!

MM, yes, I love the boys face too!

Anonymous said...

I like his shirt. ;-) I agree about the young boy. He looks excited.


Arnold Layne said...

Yes I agree with Paz, that is a nice shirt. Very clever Lilly!