Tuesday, September 2, 2008

jeff koons at the met

on the roof in manhattan. seen here is one sculpture of three on display, sacred heart (red/gold) by the artist. though prompted by the guards in some cases, I was relieved to see people weren't lounging on the white platforms, with snacks and drinks in hand- there aren't many seats on the roof garden at the metropolitan museum of art. despite the crowd up there, you really do get a chance to look at the art, which by the way was very refreshing. get there soon if you are interested, koon's work is on display until october 26.
please go here to see more art from the met.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Nice day to be on the roof.


Kelly said...

Ditto the "Cool" by Paz! What a terrific spot for a sculpture! Great view! I have been here, but never on the roof.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Paz and Kelly.It really is a spectacular view. Just over the ledge you can see Central Parks tree tops. I want to go back when the Fall colors start to show.