Saturday, September 27, 2008

say goodbye to shea stadium

please click on the photo to enlarge for greater detail.

we got to bid our farewell friday night. the new stadium is right next store, already built. soon the old shea stadium will be turned into a parking lot. billy joel said goodbye in july. if you want to read a great dan barry article about how mr. joel fit the bill perfectly for a last tribute to shea
stadium, go here. what are your memories of shea stadium?


Islipian said...

wow, it's already built?? gosh, where have I been? that was fast...?!

Alida Thorpe said...

You lucky lady! You got to Shea for one of the last games. I went in June. I just had to see old Shea, where I saw the Beatles in 1965.

Nice photo of the stadium!

mari said...

I was there years ago with my brother for fan appreciation day. We got free Mets towels and other goodies. Was so much fun. I've been a Mets fan since 1986! It will be weird to go to the new stadium someday...

Tash said...

It's great that you went to "last night" at Shea. I only know it from hearing that Bruce Springsteen played there. (I love the very early Boss).
I liked your SWF heart-shaped puffy clouds very much also.

Arnold Layne said...

Sad to see the stadium go, but I heard the Billy Joel concert was really good.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Islipian, honestly I wouldn't have known a thing about it had I not known some fans. but I am very glad I went. It was quite an experience & lots of fun.

Hi Alida & thanks, I did feel lucky. especially not really knowing what to expect. I wish I had seen the Beatles there too! or Billy Joel for that matter. I love them.

Mari,Mr. Met came out at one point and shot what looked like t-shirts out of a large gun type thingy into the audience. Everyone went crazy.
I want to go to the new stadium early in the summer next year. It looks a lot smaller.

Thanks Tash!

Hi Arnold!

Anonymous said...

never been there before. passed by on the way to the airport, though. ;-)


Morty said...

The first baseball game I ever attended was at Shea stadium, way back in the mid 70's. It was old timer's day. We were seated field level on the third base line. During the regular game, Tommie Agee didn't disappoint, stealing home in a desperate run from third base. Almost thirty years later, I still think he was OUT!