Thursday, November 5, 2009

thinking green...

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such a simple reminder to those who may be tempted to throw anything into the storm
drains we have here on long island. these drains are vital in keeping our streets and homes protected from flooding. unfortunately, this doesn't seem to keep the family of raccoons from living in one that is located across our street!
earlier this week I was listening to an interview with the professor daniel pauly on national public radio. he was discussing how overfishing and the pollution of the oceans could eliminate seafood from our diets entirely. I became a vegetarian years ago due to my concerns for the environment though I always included fish as my main source of protein- which technically makes me a pescetarian. anyway, after hearing what this professor had to say, I am forced into re-thinking my "pescetarian" diet.

today's post is part of "think green thursday" thanks to host michelle from rambling woods. please go here if you'd like to post a green idea of your own and share it with the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder.

Ken Mac said...

you see this in many cities now. They care!

bobbie said...

Well, i guess raccoons can't read. (are there really 2 c's in that word?)
Do you ever read Sea Notes, from Monterey Bay Aquarium? Lots of good info on food fish.

Think(ing) Green said...

Hello Lily..I had never heard the word 'pescerarian' before. I don't eat meat and rarely eat chicken. I am anemic so it is hard to find iron for my diet.. but you make a very good point about the over fishing of the oceans. Nobody seems to want to grasp the fact that it needs to be sustainable with an eye to the future... Great post.. thank you.. Michelle