Thursday, April 28, 2016

#tbt to That Awesome Trip I took out West Last June

Last year was the second trip I took to Sedona, Arizona in two years. The first trip was for the express purpose of visiting the Grand Canyon, something that was at the top of my bucket list for a very long time. As awesome as the Grand Canyon is, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed seeing it as much without the people I am close too. Last year's trip was very different. It was the first big vacation Anthony and I went on as empty nesters. We very much needed and enjoyed the rest and relaxation, but the sad reality is, we definitely were a little lonely. This is where Priscilla comes in. Earlier in the year we got the idea that since we would be traveling more, we would try to acclimate Priscilla to come with us on some of our shorter trips. Initially she was not crazy about the drive until we noticed she actually seemed to be enjoying taking in the sights outside the car window. 

I'll keep you posted on Priscilla's progress!

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PerthDailyPhoto said...

I know all about that 'empty nest' syndrome Diane, horrible at first.. so used to it now that it would probably be pretty invasive if there was a return :) Super reflection shot here.