Sunday, April 10, 2016

Beacon Mountain

So this is what we did in Beacon. We climbed that Mountain you see in the distance which given my lack of mountain view photography skills doesn't look all that high. And yes, it is no Everest but it definitely appears and is much larger and higher in person. Needless to say when I read all the online nature guides boasting of this mountain being the highest peak in the Hudson Highlands, I was concerned that I'd be able to hike it. Not to mention the various online guides mentioning the hundreds of trails one might get lost on if they weren't careful. Fortunately as soon as we got to the parking lot at the base of this mountain I quickly realized it was a no brainer. There were so many people and their furry bff's heading up the mountain I quickly understood that all I had to do was follow along. Wearing my lightweight sneakers was probably the worst mistake I made. The trail had huge chunks of rock that started to noticeably dig into my feet after the first 30 minutes. Even with my subpar footwear it was an incredible workout yet very manageable. My advice, fear not and go for it!

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Alexa said...

I'm pretty sure I've climbed it—many years ago. Worth the effort for the view, right?