Saturday, November 15, 2008

leaves falling

notice all the leaves all over the ground? I heard it's supposed to rain all afternoon so I guess that's a good excuse not to rake leaves today! maybe it's a good idea to stay inside and watch movies or catch up on some reading. it's a tricky time of year with all the different bugs going around and getting extra rest is always a good thing, if you can.
what are your plans for this weekend anyway?


bobbie said...

A beautiful picture, as usual from you. Rain is also a good excuse to wait until it brings down the rest of the leaves.

I see you're getting spam too. that's why I switched to having comments go to my email, so I can delete them quickly.

Denise said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea. I have company coming though and will be doing last minute housework before they arrive. Would much rather be blogging :) Your photo is a beauty. We have a lot of rain down here in Northern Virginia also.

Islipian said...

I *love* a rainy weekend! Makes me feel like I'm "allowed" to stay inside and watch movies. I do have to do some work this morning....and the same tomorrow...but if I hustle, I can have my afternoons for watching movies and flipping through magazines....maybe make some hot cocoa...mmm

Pietro said...

This nice picture gives the exact feeling of autumn.
Here the weather is sunny and rather warm: tomorrow I'll go on a trip to the mountains! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scene!