Saturday, November 1, 2008

hanukkah items for your pets

please click on this photo to see items up close.

Halloween wasn't over yet when I found this display at my favorite target store. and don't think people weren't interested. there were three women patiently waiting for me to finish taking this picture so they too could peruse the hanukkah themed items. I overheard them discussing whether or not the stuffed "kosher" toy could actually be kosher.
three years ago I bought my yorkie priscilla a beautiful dress for christmas. although she looked cute enough wearing it, I realized she was too much of a tomboy for a dress. after much consideration I opted for an olive green corduroy coat instead.


bobbie said...

My one daughter buys Christmas gifts for her pets and those of everyone else she knows. - Your own, I guess I understand. But I think she carries it a bit far.

Kitty said...

how funny?
we're just starting to look for clothes for Rupert, since it's starting to get cold. Not easy making these choices!
Good do know Target has clothes, too. I rarely go in the one in Brooklyn, it's always a madhouse.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Bobbie, I like your pretty photo! & guess what? I buy toys for my friends & family members dogs too! I know it's crazy, but it's hard to resist, mainly because it makes their "parents" happy!

Kitty, I got the cutest red sweater for Priscilla at Target last year for a $1.50 in their dollar bins. Amazingly it fits her better than a sweater I paid $12 for that I wound up returning. It really helps when I let her out in the snow. It prevents her hair from getting packed with snow. one time (before the sweater) She had so much snow in her hair she was shaking with cold & the only way I could get it out was by giving her a bath.

Double Hawk said...

Typically, the day after Halloween, all the Christmas/Thanksgiving stuff comes out. It's a bit depressing, especially since at the end of August, all the Halloween stuff comes out too. Dogs don't typically like being dressed up, but they look so cute!

luvmyboys said...

We have some clothes for Sluggo, but he's not much of a dresser-upper. He'll wear a sweater and that's about it.

I've seen wardrobe closets for dogs, too.