Sunday, November 2, 2008

k.d. lang at the tilles center

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last night, one word...flawless. by the time k.d. lang was half way through singing helpless I was having an out of body experience. an experience akin to being transported completely out of this world into a place and time where nothing else mattered except being there with k.d. and listening to her sing.

if the performing arts are something you are interested in I suggest you check out the tilles center in greenvale on long island. the sound in the theatre is incredible, the seats are comfortable & the spacious theatre is located on the c.w. post/long island university campus. go
here for a schedule of their performances.
if you have young people in your life who are thirteen or older, find out about the high five program at the tilles center box office. signing up for this program enables them to purchase tickets here and at other long island venues for just $5 on the day of special performances. students are allowed to purchase up to four tickets each. this program was started to encourage young peoples exposure to the performing arts. in the last two years we have seen itzhak perlman & the vienna choir boys.
we got the last seats left for the show but that really doesn't matter since the theatre is designed so that every seat is a good seat at the tilles center.


bobbie said...

It really is a great place. And KD is a great artist.

Hey Harriet said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert! I've never seen K.D. Lang live, but she does have an amazing voice & I imagine it would be an awesome experience!

luvmyboys said...

She has such an amazing voice!

MmeBenaut said...

You just reminded me that I bought KD's latest CD and I haven't even played it yet. Guess what I'm going to do later in the day?

Arnold Layne said...

KD Lang's got a great voice, and it sounds like you had a blast!

tr3nta said...

looks like a really cool concert.