Thursday, December 10, 2009

the real santa

this little boy reminded me of my own son when he was this age. if you click on this photo you can get a close up view of his adorable expression. you can also see santa up close too.
remember last year when I posted about the saint james general store? I went last sunday and it was packed. normally I don't care for crowded stores but everyone seemed like they were in a good mood so it was fun.
sorry I haven't been visiting all that much, I've been very busy fighting off an annoying cold.

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bobbie said...

I'm sure he must be the real Santa!

Please take care of yourself and get rid of that cold. I have one hanging on too.

Dianne said...

feel better!

I love the photo, so much going on

Daryl said...

Feel better soon .. I love this shot, its so fun

Marlene said...

Wonderful shot, and a very classic one. Geel better soon. That store looks like a fun place to visit.

Alexa said...

What a great "seasonal" shot, Lily! Aren't you glad you went in even though it was crowded? (I'm glad you did.)