Monday, December 21, 2009

what I did during the blizzard...

when I mentioned to the guy that I couldn't believe we were buying our tree during a blizzard, he said, "you're not the only one, there were twenty people ahead of you". getting the tree back to our house was easy. all the smart people stayed home so the roads were empty and the snow had just started to kick in. trying to get the tree to stand upright was a different story. we wound up having to cut off about twenty dollars worth of its branches just to wedge it into its tree stand. after that experience I can see why people get fake trees.

on a side note, last week the food reporter erica marcus, from newsday's "feed me" blog on contacted me to find out if she could use a photo of bigelow's I had posted here on LIDP. if you'd like to check out erica's review, go here. this is a great resource for anyone looking for a place to eat on long island.


Hilda said...

For someone like me who has never experienced snow or ever had a real tree for Christmas (fir trees cannot grow in our climate), this whole thing sounds crazy! I sure hope you had a warm and toasty evening afterward.

bobbie said...

what a great shot!

As for Bigelow's, I never ate there, but I lived in Rockville Centre before moving to Massapequa Park. We ate at just about every restaurant on the south shore, but somehow missed that one.

Dianne said...

I heard the tree place here was really busy during the storm too, I guess people wanted to make sure they had a tree before the snow piled up

cool photo

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I think I bought one of the last 6 foot pine tree from my local Home Depot this week. It still turned out to be beautiful!

Good to know about Bigelows and the Newsday blog ...thanks!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Louis la Vache said...

Having had both, «Louis» went back to the real trees and ditched the fake one. «Louis» had a similar experience with the battle of the tree and the stand last year.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!
Hilda, Putting myself in your shoes I had to laugh at how crazy our tradition sounds! It is pretty funny when I think about it. It's easy to see why older (& wiser) people stop doing it by a certain age.

Thanks Bobbie!

& thank you too Dianne.

Pat, we tried Home Depot first but they had nothing left.

Louis-LOL, I'm glad you didn't have trouble this year!

chrome3d said...

Hey, you had the same christmas tree trip blizzard as I did on the other side of the world!

FA said...

For a boy from Southern California....going out in a blizzard to buy a Christmas tree actually sounds fun. I could do without the straightening the tree part, though.