Thursday, January 31, 2013

huge double rainbow over farmingdale


there WAS a double rainbow this morning! unfortunately I didn't catch it in time but I am here to report that it was totally awesome. not that seeing this by itself was anything to scoff at. it filled up the sky so beautifully. what a great way to start one's day! and I'm sure by now you've seen THE equally if not more awesome double rainbow video on youtube, but just in case you haven't and you need a big smile please go here to do so. 
speaking of atmospheric conditions (and its effect on us), who else had some crazy weather throughout last night? as I lay down to sleep I noticed the wind was so powerful I could hear it traveling from a distance as it headed our way. the loud creaking sound I heard as our very old yet beloved house met head on with a powerful gust woke me up instantly. I was sleepy but I still bolted to the couch which made priscilla quite happy - she had already beat me to it and welcomed my company.
to see one other long island rainbow, please go here.


Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous rainbow photos, Lily. I should learn to read before I jump to conclusions, because I was staring at the first photo looking for the second rainbow...duh.

Lily Hydrangea said...

well, it is hard to see the double one in the second picture, it is barely visible!

Daryl said...

i would settle for a single rainbow

Thérèse said...

On the first picture everything goes together: bravo!

Bibi said...

Rainbows, single or double, are magical.