Thursday, June 13, 2013

a bulletin board in sedona


when we first thought of going on vacation, my family & I decided to stay in sedona and take day trips, like visiting the grand canyon for instance. but once we spent the day at the grand canyon, we realized there was so much to do in sedona we didn't want to leave. most days we wound up getting lunch at their local grocery and one day while waiting for my order I was impressed by what constituted their community bulletin board. so, as you can see, there is plenty to do in sedona.
and for the record, we pretty much just went on lots of hikes on different trails.


Bibi said...

I think you have a spanner above...

I've been to Sedona, but long ago, before it became so New Age. Beautiful place.

Alexa said...

So, does everyone in Sedona eat organic food and meditate? Seriously, am looking forward to more from your trip out West.
BTW, what's with all the spammers lately??

Daryl said...

sounds like a perfect vacation to me