Wednesday, June 26, 2013

There should be laws against this.


I don't know why this made me smile. If it were July, I could say "Christmas in July". But it's June. Dressing up Christmas as a Stork? a Pelican? (does anyone know what type of bird this is?) does not disguise the fact that we are nowhere near Christmas, at least not in Deer Park on Long Island.  Ironically I came across this dandy item at the Christmas Tree Shop, a discount store that I believe is named as such not because they stock Christmas items year round (or trees for that matter). I believe the name is designed to evoke the Christmas feeling one experiences, at least in our capitalist culture, while shopping the amazing deals found inside. Look at what you can get for just a $1.99! Maybe they're onto something here?


MyMaracas said...

There should be laws against anything involving Christmas being displayed until after Thanksgiving. June should be a hanging offense.

I think you have flamingos there. Pink, Christmas flamingos. Gaaah.

Alexa said...

Love the photo, but I'm in total agreement with MyMaracas. I'd have to pass anyway—since dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy at my mom's house (now sold), we've all sworn off STUFF for good!