Priscilla's Cousin, Miss Samantha


Meet Samantha, one of Priscilla's (four legged) beautiful cousins - she has a plethora of them. Remember earlier this year when I tried to get Priscilla to pose with her other cousins?


Kay L. Davies said…
Sami is cute, alright, but not as adorable as Priscilla.
Daryl said…
what a face!!!!!
Shell Sherree said…
Oh, she's lovely!! And I had a good chuckle over the other attempted portrait sitting ~ very cute. Happy weekend to you and Priscilla, dear Lily.
Sami is adorable and looks she loves to pose to a photo!
Love Pricilla too!
Ops! Sorry, I mean "Priscilla".
Bibi said…
Handsome boy!
Alexa said…
Priscilla comes from a pretty big family, doesn't she? They're all cute too (but none as cute as Miss P).
Thérèse said…
Quite a nice family portrait!'

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