Wednesday, June 12, 2013

would you care for a massage with that UFO?


I shouldn't be making jokes since had I not met a certain someone who informed me that the people who run these ufo night tours (complete with night vision goggles) do in fact see ufo's every night they do their tour. at one point ian and I were good to go on one of these tours but then this same person told us it was just the government testing out their new top secret aircraft. I don't know about you but if I'm going to pay $100.00 to see a UFO, it better be from another planet.


Anonymous said...


Daryl said...

that is too funny, i suspect that whoever clued you in both times was pulling your leg ..

Anonymous said...

Hang out in Arizona for awhile and you will see a UFO, don't need to spend any money, we know about that. Nobody knows for SURE if it's the government or it's extraterrestrial. Great programs on this week on TV. New ones, pretty convincing. PGma

Kitty said...

oh my gosh. ha.

Well if I win the lottery, I will keep the tour in mind.