Monday, June 24, 2013

fruit kabobs anyone?


it says a lot when someone like me pigs out on fruit - especially when there is homemade cheesecake brought to your home (thank you theresa!). I don't know what exactly it was about the fruit salad being on a stick that made me want to eat one after another, but I did and I enjoyed it immensely. my sister-inlaw brought over at least 40 of these delicious kabobs a couple of weekends ago which only goes to show how much she loves us. thank you lorraine.


Bibi said...

Oh, yummy. Looks good.

Kitty said...

ha, that is very creative (and healthy!)

hope you're doing okay with the dreadful heat!
best, k

Alexa said...

I could live on this when it's as hot as it is lately. Apparently, so could you. :~}