Saturday, September 5, 2009

a pretty shop in florence, italy

if you click on this photo you will find many interesting and pretty things inside this shop.
during our visit to italy we were fortunate to find an abundance of open restaurants and shops since many italians take a couple of weeks off in august to celebrate ferragosto.
in america, this weekend is our labor day holiday and most people have this monday off from work. I hope everyone visiting here today has the weekend off as well. am I the only one wondering what happened to the summer?


bobbie said...

I love the floral patterned dummies. I love the whole shop.

this summer was pretty much a lost cause.

Shell Sherree said...

It is a treasure trove, Lily. And I like the colour of the exterior, with that little bit of gold detailing. Pretty!

Alexa said...

What a lovely jumble of pretty things! I know exactly where this shop is, Lily—did you go across the street to the Pitti Palace and/or Boboli Gardens?
You're so right about summer. We didn't have much of one here in NY, did we? Enjoy the long weekend!

Bibi said...

I agree with Bobbie. I love the dummies, too, and they make me want to do some decoupage.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks Bobbie, I am so glad you like it!

Shell, I noticed (& liked) that gold detailing myself! I love your choice of words, "treasure trove" too.

Alexa, you really do know Italy so well. I do remember passing by the Palace but were too hot to go in. I am trying to think back where we were going... it might have been Trastevere- on our rented bikes.

Hi Bibi!
; )

mari said...

Love that photo, especially the colorful dress forms! My kind of shop. If I had a shop like that, I'd hope you would drop by often for a chat.