Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day and dinner for schmucks


I was originally worried I would dislike 'dinner for schmucks', though my fears were immediately quelled upon seeing the beautiful dioramas that accompanied the opening credits. I just thought the mice dressed up and posing in different heartwarming scenarios was the sweetest thing. the movie turned out to be right up my alley -  better than I thought it would be. please excuse the picture quality, I snapped this while inside the movies early last week. I thought this diorama from the movie was perfect for a labor day holiday post.
I hope you all have your feet up today (at least at some point) and are enjoying nice weather. thankfully our weather here in new york has been sublime, sunny, breezy and warm but not hot.
p.s. priscilla has been wobbly from the anesthesia all weekend but she has been getting better every day and adjusting to her medicine. she has also been quite hungry which I also believe is a good sign. I am so happy she is better. thank you again for all of your kind words.


Naturedigital said...

A great opportunity to get some tan before autumn.

Bibi said...

Awww.....that's cute. Must see. Bibi and I are glad Priscilla is better.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Labor Day!
Are you going to the beach?
We will go to Robert Moses tomorrow when all the crowds have gone back to work and school!

Shell Sherree said...

How adorable!! I read a review that wasn't overly complimentary about the movie, but was very complimentary about the dioramas. I see why! Have a gorgeous weekend, Lily ~ I'm so happy to hear Priscilla's on the up and up. Hugs all around.

Marlene said...

That is one cute picture. I am glad to hear that Priscilla is doing better and getting well.

Thérèse said...

Enjoy the day!

Kitty said...

ha, Lily!

There is a great interview with Steve Carell in the New Yorker. The site only allows those with subscriptions to read the entire article, unfortunately

They described how the movie was written, which sounds like how they make many hit comedies these days, with many reviews by a group of comedians and ad libbing, as well as the typical writing.

It's a pretty cool process that blends the crafted quality of written schticks with zany improv. With the cost of movie production these days, they're doing all they can to ensure a hit.

Happy to hear that Priscilla is getting better.

Daryl said...

Funny shot .. I will pass on the movie but appreciate you sharing .. and I am so happy Priscilla is on the mend!