Friday, September 3, 2010

Priscilla is home!

I can't tell you how good it feels to have our dear little priscilla back home! she has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. she's been on medication for seizures for the last three years but they were mild by comparison to what took place this last wednesday. the good doctors at long island veterinary specialists have increased her medicine and feel she will be ok. she's a little wobbly  and spending most of her time sleeping but all of her tests have come back normal so thankfully she is very healthy and will be back to her usual self once she gets the rest she needs from the past few days.
I feel we were very lucky to have been home when it happened & doubly lucky to have her back home with us again. thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts and prayers for priscilla, everyone. it really meant a lot to me and my family.
; )


KaHolly said...

Oh, joy!!! I'm so glad for you and for Priscilla. Give her a little scratch behind the ears for me!! ~karen

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thanks KH, I most definitely will!
I have been hugging & kissing her all day!

Dianne said...

look at that wonderful face!!
sweet warm eyes and she has the most perfect nose :)

welcome home Priscilla!
we were all thinking about you

I'm really happy and relieved for you all Lily

Lily Hydrangea said...

Thank you so much Dianne & I totally agree with your observations!

Shell Sherree said...

Oh, Lily, I can't tell you how lovely it was to wake up this morning, turn on my laptop and see your wonderful news. I'm over the moon for you and Priscilla!! Big hugs from me, too. What a happy weekend you'll be having.

Al said...

I'm glad she's okay, she looks like a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

I'm only now learning about what happened to Priscilla. I'm SO glad she if out of the hospital and feeling much better. Yay! I send prayers and continued good wishes that she continues to get better.

Please give her an extra treat on my behalf. ;-)

Paz xoxo

Kitty said...

oh hurrah, wonderful news! Hooray!

Yes, you were lucky you were home, Lily. Huge difference. It's tough when such things happen and you're there because you instinctively don't feel good about having seen your dear one in pain or anguish.

So glad everything is all right. I hope you all have a restful weekend together.

Pietro said...

It's so sad to read the previous post about the pretty Priscilla. I'm glad now she is at home and feels well!