Monday, February 2, 2009

groundhog day

click on photo to enlarge for more details, thanks ian!

I know, this is rather odd. why post a photo from the old shea stadium when it's the day after the superbowl! to make a long story short, I was tagged for a photo meme by my friend Bobbie over at almost there. the game is, you post your sixth photo from your sixth folder, link back to the person that chose you, & then choose six more people to do the same.
my sixth photo happened to be a picture my son had taken while we were taking pictures together at last years "last night" at shea stadium. I think he has a good eye for an artist. you can see the photo I had posted here from that same night.
the photographers I chose, if they choose to participate, are listed below. If you get a chance to visit any of their blogs you will find them all fascinating for their beautiful photography and or interesting stories. oh, &, here's hoping for a happy groundhog day everyone!
Babzy at Babzy Photos Blog
tr3nta at (MAD) daily photo
Elizabeth at About New York
Priscilla at Stony Brook Daily Photo
Gwyn at Juneau Daily Photo
Wil at Reader Wil


Reader Wil said...

The sixth photo of the sixth folder? Is that the sixth page from the archive? Nice idea, I'll try that!
Thanks for your visit.

Reader Wil said...

Hi Lily! I have tried to find the sixth page and the sixth photo, but I had a lot of slides, and to choose the sixth photo is very difficult, so I gave up. I hope you don't mind!

bobbie said...

It's a neat photo - and who wants to be posting yet another groundhog picture?
Really, it's a great shot. I remember the other one you posted.
Now I'll go investigate the others you named.

Elizabeth said...

Love your son's photo!
You are so kind to tag me!
I will try to find a photo to post but I don't keep them in folders exactly - but I'll look for number 6 somewhere.........
All best

Lily Hydrangea said...

don't worry reader Wil, it's just fun. Have a great day!

Hi Bobbie!
; )

Thanks Elizabeth, I hope everyone goes and checks out your blog!

Priscilla said...

Lily, I made a mistake and posted it on my other blog

I tried! (Your Priscilla would probably follow directions better.)

mari said...

Wait. Are you a Mets fan? I am. Call me crazy, but I didn't see why they had to get rid of the old Shea Stadium...have a great week!

Lucy said...

happy ground hog day!
great photo