Monday, June 22, 2009

flying over the long island expressway

please click on photo if you'd like to see blurry details

my husband & I just got home from a wedding in milwaukee. it's always fun to go traveling, but it's really good to be home, even if it is still raining. as the plane looped around manhattan I looked down at the western most tip of long island & I thought how lucky I am to live here. how was your weekend?


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love to take photos from airplanes Lily. This is a good one!

Landings in JFK are always a little nerve wracking, aren't they? It seesm to take so long to land!

Babzy said...

Wonderful panorama !

bobbie said...

That is a beautiful photo!

And as close as I ever want to be to the LIE - though it doesn't look too bad from there.

Kitty said...

awesome view!
Doesn't look like it was taken through a window at all.

The weekend was good but tiring. Like everyone, I'm tired of the clouds and rain. Not so good for picture taking!

Morty said...

Great, great picture!! I am assuming this was on approach to LGA?

Daryl said...

Wet ... but fun .. I started taking Fridays as vacation days and wandering the city taking pix ... even in the on/off rain humidity its fun .. glad you had a nice time and welcome back to New Seattle

Islipian said...

ahh, there she is again, lovely manhattan! thanks for sharing...

luvmyboys said...

I guess the only time that flying and the LIE will be used in the same sentence is when you're flying OVER it! LOL!

Great picture!

Pietro said...

Splendid landscape! What a beautiful sky!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Pat, we were actually flying into Laguardia, we were looping around Manhattan due to some heavy air traffic.
I love a birds eye view so unless there is some turbulence I'm too busy looking out the window to get nervous...thankfully!

Thanks Babzy!

& thank you too Bobbie. I know, the LIE looks harmless from this view, right?

Thanks Kitty. I was worried because the windows on the airplane needed a good cleaning!

Thanks Morty, & yes, that is exactly where we were headed.

Daryl, isn't it the truth? I hope this rain doesn't last the entire summer. I'll have to get one of those lights one uses for seasonal affective disorder!

Thanks Betty
; )

Luv, that's a good one!

Hi Pietro & thank you!

Ian France said...

This is a fantastic shot! You can see a great amount of detail when you enlarge the pic - really cool!

CTG Ponies said...

What a great pic!