Monday, July 4, 2011

the yellow step and a late happy birthday america

it's almost midnight but it's still the fourth of july so I thought I'd post a picture of the flag that stands in front of the lighthouse at montauk point. I was actually standing inside the lighthouse at the very top looking out the observation doorway. you are no longer allowed to walk around outside on the narrow walkway but you can still look out the doorway and get a very good view of long island and the sea.
below is a photo of  a small stairway that leads to an opening where you can stick your head through to see a view from the very top windows of the lighthouse where the actual light shines through - you can see the light as well. the yellow step indicates the highest step you are allowed to stand on by order of the united states coast guard. I thought it was perfect for mellow yellow monday. too bad there is only five minutes left of monday! if you feel so inclined, please visit drowsey monkey's mellow yellow monday meme to check out all things yellow. 


Alexa said...

Great shot! (And I didn't even know you could go up in this lighthouse, so thanks.)

Daryl said...

I've taken the reverse shot, never had the energy to get past the gift shop!