Saturday, May 16, 2009


please click on photo to see traffic up close
we have a lot of traffic here on this island. I've overheard people who live here say we have rush hour all day long. this photo was taken at approximately 3 PM, the very beginning of rush hour. I am always amazed at the seemingly endless supply of huge semi trucks that travel our roadways. I may have stated before that out of all the vehicles on the roads here, the semis seem to be the safest drivers. time and again I notice their awareness of the vehicles around them giving others the right of way whenever possible. I actually prefer to ride with them on the long island expressway because they seem to temper the speed demons a bit. the parkways don't allow semis and the cars all appear to be traveling eighty miles an hour. how is the traffic where you do most of your driving?


Pietro said...

Lily, your photo well describes the situation!
Here in Turin the traffic is not fluid...! And in Rome it's much worse: there are queues for hours!! :-)

bobbie said...

This is what I do NOT miss about LI. You actually drive the LIE? As long as I lived there, and since, I don't think I've driven the LIE more than 3 times. Hate it. Even when I'd visit my daughter in Suffolk, I chose the good old Sunrise Hwy, lights and all. Much more relaxing.

luvmyboys said...

I used to hate driving on the highways, because I was afraid of the trucks. Now, I agree with you and find them to be safer than car drivers. I now hate to drive Hempstead Turnpike and will choose the Southern State any day (which is a parkway with no trucks, but you get the idea)!

Anonymous said...

What is really scary is the drivers of cars not acknowledging the big trucks by cutting in front of them or not signaling. It takes longer for a truck to stop and many trucks 'jack knife' because of careless car drivers. One has to have a revolving head to safely drive on the island now. PGma