Sunday, August 15, 2010

august shadows

just a big old tree hanging out over someone's lawn. I love big old trees. 
as you can see, the grass has taken quite a beating this summer with the lack of rain here on the island. 
please visit tracy's meme, 'shadow shot sunday' if you'd like to join in the fun or if you'd like to see more shadows.


Bibi said...

Big old trees should always be protected, like they protect us.

Alexa said...

That tree's a beauty. My mom's LI lawn looks like this, And she had a big old tree that had to be removed recently, as it was threatening to fall on the house. We were pretty sad.

Birdman said...

That is a great ol' tree. Lots of leaves though, in a few months. Just returned from NYC and NJ. HOT!

Kitty said...

I love big trees, too. They have survived so much.

Happy weekend to you, Lily!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Big tree, indeed.