Tuesday, April 7, 2009

rainy day with bright yellow forsythia

please click on photo to see flowers up close

this is exactly what I saw many times today. the trees were all soaked to the bone making their bark look darker than usual, the sky was filled with clouds and rain but then there were splashes of yellow color around every corner. finally, the sun made an appearance at the end of the day and I noticed more buds on the trees and the grass looked greener too. so yes, rain is a good thing. tomorrow I shall look for daffodils.
that is what is happening in my world as of late. if you'd like to see what's going on elsewhere, please click here. otherwise, what is happening with you?


Martha said...

That forsythia sure does brighten up the highway

chrome3d said...

Flowers are beautiful no matter where they are.

Sylvia K said...

The forsythia does indeed brighten the picture! They are lovely. We've had sun for a couple of days and I almost feel drunk on sunshine and it's wonderful! It'll be gone again in a day or two and it'll be back to gray with those occasional spots of color. Spring is coming though!

Jacob said...

Love this photo - the curving road and the yellow flowers set against a rather rainy, gloomy day.

It's a keeper!

And thanks so much for stopping by Ocala DP!

Marites said...

I always like seeing flowers along the road because it somehow helps brighten up my day:)

bobbie said...

Forsythia is dear to my heart. So bright and cheerful. When I was a child we had a long row of these bushes along the driveway. The branches hung down around the center, and we would play house under them, each of us having his/her own "house" along the drive.

Arija said...

Don't you jusr love spring coming in with that vibrant yellow?

Daryl said...

Nice shot ... sure captures the moment perfectly.

In my life, lets see ... had dinner last nite with some bloggers and my husband finished and sent off the taxes!

Annie said...

I have been enjoying the rain and weather (and spring blossoms)in NYC while I am here. So different to where I am in Australia..hot all year round!

Lily Hydrangea said...

Hi Martha, is that you along the side of the mountain there? Oh my gosh! You go girl.
I agree completely agree Chrome.

Sylvia I am so happy for your sunshine. We had some earlier this morning at least. But of course I want more. I get greedy for it this time of year. I must be low on vitamin D.

thanks for popping over here too Jacob!

Marites, I am the same way.

Bobbie, thanks for sharing your little story. I have a similar childhood memory playing under what seemed like a huge shrub in my backyard as well.

Arija, you should have seen the forsythia this morning with the bright sunshine!

Thanks Daryl, that sounds like you had fun & hubby finishing taxes too, now that is always good news eh?

Annie, I am so glad you had fairly decent weather while in NYC. I hope you got lots of good pics too!

Martha said...

Thank you for your comments on my Michel post.

luvmyboys said...

Love the cheerful yellow in this shot! We have that bush growing in our yard and I never knew what they were called. My MIL said it was ragweed, but I never thought so.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

I'm a rain-crazy person.

What is happening currently with me? Just waiting for the rain to come. The season is still 2 months ahead with severe heat by that time.

Silhouette of a Temple of Dwarka

Paz said...

Oh! I was going to post a photo of a lone yellow forsythia tree I saw. Didn't have time. Love your photo.