Friday, December 24, 2010

manhattan skywatching from a taxi cab

as soon as I saw this narrow bit of sky from the taxi I was riding in I knew I had to post this for today's skywatch. it may not be much sky but it is the type of sky you don't often see unless you get the chance to hang out in manhattan. below is another view of the manhattan sky I shot while I was being driven uptown. I couldn't remember where it was exactly but my husband recognized this building as the waldorf astoria. he likes impressing me with his amazing memory.
in other news, it's hard to believe today is christmas eve. if you want to feel some real christmas spirit, you have to read this blog post I came across on twitter. it is a true testament of the power of goodness. tonight I plan on reading the story to my extended family during our christmas eve celebration. I hope I can do so without bawling - it is so touching. to all my friends who celebrate christmas, I hope you have an awesome merry christmas. & everyone else, I hope you have the day off and you spend it in peaceful bliss. 
if you'd like to gaze at more wondrous skies from all around the world or if you'd like to add your own sky, please visit the skywatch friday meme, thanks to klaus and his team, sandy, wren, and sylvia.


Martha Z said...

The Manhattan sky from a taxi, I think my father-in-law saw many of those in the years he was a New York cabby.

Alexa said...

That's a Manhattan skywatch for sure! As for the link, I'm totally verklempt after reading it. Merry Christmas, Lily, to you and your guys! Let's get together in 2011.

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful Sky Watch posting!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,
Regards, Bram

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Marlene said...

Merry Christmas Lily.

Kitty said...

ha, I know the feeling. That's a cool shot.

Merry xmas, Lily!!

Kay L. Davies said...

Love your Manhattan skyline photos.
Am blown away by the the bloggess and her paying-forward story.
Now I can stop feeling sorry for my silly self just because I'm not feeling well for Christmas. How did I ever manage to forget there are people out there starving and dying at Christmas?
And my private pity party started because we were in Hawaii for most of this month and I was too sick to swim or snorkel. Duh.
Thanks! I really needed that.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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G.S. said...

Looks like the view from 7th Avenue around 55th Street. :) Merry, merry Christmas, Lily, and thank you for your continuous stream of wonderful and encouraging comments! May all your lights be green in the new year.

James said...

These are wonderful and also familar. :)

Kcalpesh said...

A very different looking skywatch submission :-)

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