Tuesday, August 26, 2008

6 miles to the point

or to the end? which name do you prefer? some people visit montauk point every summer. you can tell who they are because they usually get a little oval shaped bumper sticker that says, "the end" on it. though I should add not everyone who visits absolutely gets this sticker. I like montauk. it's one of my favorite places to go any time of the year. 
as of this writing the winner for guessing where the big ear of corn sculpture resides is Bettye from 365 days in islip. she knew the location of the giant ear of corn as well as that it is indeed in bridgehampton. the name of the establishment is hayground farm, a most wonderful farm stand with lots of fresh veggies, flowers and baked goods. anytime I have stopped there I have never been disappointed.


Kitty said...

Montauk is such a classic destination. That little bit in your photo is especially significant, as you're making the turn around.

Last time we were there last summer, we were astonished by how many 'For Sale' signs there were. People just buy and sell houses like bonds. It's nuts.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Congrats to the winner!


Islipian said...

Ahh, I haven't been out to Montauk in years...I used to take my daughter there for a couple days every summer, it was nice.

And thanks for the mention in your post - woohoo, I am the WINNAH! Ha :-)

bobbie said...

I love Montauk - to visit the light, not to stay. My husband took me there before we were married - 1957 I think - and I've been back alone and with my kids and grandkids. Don't have an oval sticker, but have one that says "I've Seen the Light".

Lily Hydrangea said...

I noticed that last year too Kitty. There has been so much development out East in the last few years. Now I try and visit only during the week if I can, just to avoid the weekend traffic.

Hi paz

Congrats Islipian

So Bobbie, are you referring to the lighthouse or the light in general?
Montauk must have been even more awesome in the late 50's. I remember going as a teenager and it seeming like there was nothing out there but sea and sandy roads.