Monday, October 6, 2008

view from a bridge

riding my bike over the bridge on the bike trail I like to frequent, I had to stop when I noticed the pretty colors and the view of the southern state parkway. I have referred to this parkway as the southern state ever since I can remember. I never questioned its name until a childhood friend pointed out that none of the signs pointing to the well known long island roadway are labeled as such. that hasn't stopped me from calling it the southern state. force of habit I guess.
anyway, according to the info you may find here, it is indeed called southern state parkway. though the road signs label it as southern parkway. maybe there just wasn't enough room on the sign.
wikipedia says it is called both southern parkway or southern state parkway. interesting. what do you call it?


Islipian said...

Southern State!

Louis la Vache said...

An unusual - but very effective - perspective! Indeed a "Kodak moment!"

Anonymous said...


A very often homesick LI'er living in SE PA... stumbled to your blog and find it very interesting.

Since the 1950's I've known it as the Southern State as well as its counterpart the Northern State. It is new to me hear Southern Pkwy or Northern Pkwy - it has always been take the Northern State to exit...

Thank you for providing photos to enjoy with my am coffee.


bobbie said...

I always called it the Southern State. It IS a State Parkway, and it IS the Southern as opposed to the Northern, so far as LI goes. I'll bet you're right that they just didn't have room on the sign.

luvmyboys said...

I call it the southern state, too. I had never noticed that it just says southern parkway on the signs.

I like the leaves stuck in the fence of your pic.

Lily Hydrangea said...

Welcome SE PA, & thank you for the kind words. there are a few of us bloggers here on LI. You can check them out over on my sidebar if you'd like.
Bobbie I never noticed how the signs were labeled either, until it was pointed out to me.
So, Yay for us! We all agree. Southern State, Southern State!

& thank you too Luv!

Pietro said...

Great perspective! Beautiful contrast between the leaves and the busy road.

nonizamboni said...

Interesting viewpoint and very pretty colors indeed. Autumn has arrived in Long Island as well. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

I like everything in this photo! Nice shot!